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Breaking Stories

"We must accelerate the decarbonisation of the entire transport sector" Antoinio Guterres says.

Strong statements by the UN chief comes out loud and clear on shipping and airlines industries GHG Emissions at the opening session of the 2nd United Nations Conference on Global Sustainable Shipping, in Beijing China. 

The UN chief goes on to say that current commitments are not aligned with the 1.5 degree line under the Paris Agreement.  In fact they are more consistent with warming way above 3 degrees...Zero emission ships must be the default choice, and commercially available for all by 2030, in order to achieve zero emissions in the shipping sector by 2050. - Companies must start using sustainable aviation fuels now, in order to cut carbon emissions per passenger by 65 per cent by 2050.

Watch video here.

16th October - Dr. Peter Nuttall presented to His Excellency, Mr. Zhao Chongjiu, Vice Minister of Transport, China on the two Pacific Proposals - a 100% reduction of GHG by 2050 and a universal GHG Levy on all International Shipping at the 2nd United Nations Global Sustainable Transport Meeting in Beijing, China.  In his 5 minute presentation, under Thematic Session 4: Sustainable transport and green development : Climate Change mitigation, adaptation and resilience, Dr. Nuttall is cautioning the plans by the European Union to introduce an Emissions Trading Scheme that, if implemented, the returns will benefit the European Union capability at the cost of the already vulnerable.  He reminds all for a just transition, championing the Tony Debrum legacy of "leaving none behind".  Watch video here

The ABC Radio Australia's Pacific Beat captures the juncture of IMO's progress on shipping industries carbon emissions strategy ahead of the UNFCCC (26th COP) in Glasgow.

The IMO points to a recently adopted energy efficiency rating system for ships as an example it is taking the issue seriously.

"Much like you would see an efficiency rating on a refrigerator and what that will do is rate each ship ... and if ships are rated too low they have to develop an action plan to correct that," Mr Kenney said.

Dr Nuttall doesn't think the new rating system will do much to cut emissions.

"We're talking one to three per cent overall savings ... we're not keeping up with the rise in emissions let alone peaking and dropping off," he said.    Read here.  

A new wave: Pacific partnership aims to develop carbon free maritime sector - The Pacific International Inc has been serving the Republic of the Marshall Islands since 1976, providing construction services and building projects.  Mr. Kramer, a Board Member of the MCST speaks to the Marianas Business Journal about his support of the Pacific Blue Shipping Partnership and updating the business community on what he sees is the way forward.   The Pacific Blue Shipping Partnership is a coalition of eight Pacific Islands countries, led by the Marshall Islands and Fiji together with Kiribati, Samoa, the Solomon Islands, Tonga, Tuvalu and Vanuatu. Read article